Welcome to Quest Fine Jewelers


Quest Fine Jewelers prides itself on its collaborative and cooperative custom design process. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. We will work with you as much as necessary to create the timeless, custom piece of jewelry that you envisioned and that you expect. 

The design process starts with a Consultation. Consultations can occur through any means-face to face, via email, or by telephone. It is at this point that you and the designer speak for the first time; it is your opportunity to describe your vision, to talk about likes and dislikes. Our designer will show you our extensive existing collection and our design archive for design ideas, as necessary. We will then help you select the right stones and high quality metals that will be used to create the final product. It is during this preliminary meeting that the designer will produce table drawings or hand sketches to convey your ideas. 

Once you and the designer have agreed upon and developed a concept, the next step is the Design Phase. It is during this phase that our designer will use computer technology (CAD/CAM) to render a 3D design of your custom piece. Through prototyping, we will bring your vision to life. Once the designer has completed the 3D rendering, you will have the opportunity to review the design and make any changes necessary for it to meet your vision. 

The next phase in the design process is the Production Phase. At this point, our master craftsman sculpts your design in wax; he will do this either by hand or using the CAD/CAM system. Once you approve the wax model, we take it to the casting department. It is here that your piece truly comes to life. Through a process called "lost wax casting," the wax model is converted into metal form. Once the casting is complete and we have done a complete quality check for perfection, our master craftsman will thoroughly prepare the piece for stone setting. Each stone is intricately and carefully hand-set into the setting.

As soon as the stones have been set and your piece is complete, we will present you with the final product. Prior to Final Delivery, however, we will thoroughly inspect the piece to make sure that it meets our highest standards of excellence. The ultimate quality test, though, is your satisfaction. Upon delivery and your approval, we will also provide you with a 100% guarantee and a promise of a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship.